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Todays manuscript is from the French national library in Paris [1], entitled ‘Petrus Lombardus, in espistolis S. Pauli’. This manuscript was found in the Abbaye Saint-Victor in Paris and is dated from the late 12th century.

This text is scanty illuminated; only in the beginning we find several decorated capitals with gold, greenish, blueish, and reddish tones.
On folio 100r we find in the lower right corner a very stylised snail, left-coiled, drawn in red and blue ink, suggesting a strong axial striation and dots at the periphery. The animal stretches out to the left from the aperture, with four tentacles (two long, two short, typical stylommatophoran) but no tail is shown.

BNF_MS Latin14266_f100rBNF_MS Latin14266_f100r_detail

[1] BNF, Ms. Latin 14266, 190ff. http://bit.ly/1cpb24b (accessed 2 January 2014).