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Todays post is on an old manuscript dating from c.1285–c.1299 which originated in Italy, possibly in Bologna. It is kept in the Free Library of Philadelphia [1] and consists of different parts. One part is called ‘De amore et dilectione Dei’ and is attributed to Albertanus of Brescia [2, 3].

On f. 57r there is a new variation on the ‘knight v. snail’ theme. The knight, armoured with a red helmet with a cross, faces the snail and shields himself off. The snail is stylised, left-coiled, in dorsal view with the head peaking out the aperture; the animal has four tentacles – which are, however, evenly long – and an eye-spot at the base.


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[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albertanus_of_Brescia (6.i.2014). NB: There seems a contradiction between the dating of the manuscript and authorship in [2] and the biographical data in [3].