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In item #13 emblemata were introduced. One of the most known authors in Holland in this genre is Jacob Cats, who published in 1627 his Emblemata moralia et oeconomica [1], a collection of emblems with accompanying texts with both a moral and an economic meaning. On p. 46–47 in this volume, we find under ‘Sal sistit evntem‘ [Salt stops going] an image of a hand sprinkling salt on a slug.

1627_Cats Emblemata p46

This is probably the slug Limax maximus Linnaeus, 1758 given the appearance and habitus; however, images of Limacidae in an art historical context are rare (D. van Bruggen, pers comm.). The population of this species might still be extant on ‘Sorghvliet’, the estate where Cats lived when he made this book.

[1] Cats, J. (1627): Emblemata moralia et oeconomica: 1–91. – In: Cats, J., Proteus ofte Minne-beelden verandert in sinne-beelden. P. van Waesberge, Rotterdam.