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In the Bibliothèque Municipal in Troyes, the manuscript ‘Vie de sainte Marguerite’ is being kept [1, 5]. This is the story about Marguerite of Antiochia, in 744 octosyllabic verses in French written by Wace in the 12th century [2], and illuminated in the 14th century [3, 4].


On folio 10v in the lower margin we see two hybrid people, both with sword and shield, fighting with each other. They emerge both from a stylised, dextral shell which is unicoloured and seen in top view; there is an interrupted spiral line of dots on each of the shells.


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[5] Due to technical reasons, the coloured digitalised manuscript was not available on the website; I’m indebted to Pascal Jacquinot (Médiathèque du Grand Troyes) for sending hi-res b/w files.