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A Book of Hours, presemably from Flemish origin and dated ca. 1300, is present in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge. In the description I found: “The book was probably done for a lady connected with the Franciscan order.
It is a good deal like the Verdun Breviary, of which one volume is in the Library at Verdun (no.107) and the other in the collection of Mr H. Y. Thompson (no.8) [now in the British Library]. The artist of this Breviary also ornamented a Pontifical now in the possession of Mr Brooke of Huddersfield (Archaeologia, liv. 411-424).
All three books are of absolutely first class artistic value.
[‘M. R. James remarked on the similarity between the this MS and (Cambridge University Library?) Add. 4085’ – J. Cook]”. [1]

On folio 008v in the upper marginalia, a variation on the theme ‘knight v. snail’ is seen. Here the knight is a dog! It points with a lance at the snail that looks a bit frightened to me.


[1] TCC, Ms. B.11.22. http://bit.ly/1imoBrs (3.ii.2014).