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Nikolaus Reusner (1545–1602; also known as Nicolaus Reusnerus) was a Prussian jurist, who published in 1567 “Emblamata liber”; the 1587 edition, illustrated with woodcuts by Tobias Stimmer, is also known as “Aureola Emblemata”. [1, 2] In one of his works there is a self-portrait as well.


Emblema 57 shows a snail in the forest. The German text reads: Eign Herd/ Golds werd/sein Hauss auff Erd / Als dSchneck jeder hab lieb und wert [libearally translated here as: Your own place is golden, with a house on earth, like the snail everybody can love and be valued].
The snail is seen from the left side, with all tentacles, and a somewhat stylised and turrited shell.


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