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Today another enamel object from the Walters Art Museum [1]. According to the description this object is Venus and Cupid. “Venus, bearing a torch, is represented nude except for a cape hung around her shoulders, together with her attending son, Cupid, who with his right hand covers the nudity of his mother. Both figures stand on a scroll base under a fanciful canopy flanked by two pairs of flaming hearts and two doves. Two other birds flutter above the smoke rising from the flaming hearts. At left and right are grotesque monsters and snails. Below the cartouche, two old winged satyrs squat obscenely. A globe is beneath them. At the top of the canopy is a grotesque cherub mask. Above the head of Venus is the signature I. C.”. It was made by Jean de Court around 1560 in Limoges (France).

The two snails are stylised and mirror-imaged. One of the snails is dextral, the other sinistral.


[1] WAB 44352. http://bit.ly/1dj4ftD (2.ii.2014). See also item#41.