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A flower still-life which is but a slight variation on the engraving seen in item #51, is this oil-painting on copper from Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (1573–1621).  Bosschaert was born in Antwerp, but worked in Middelburg, Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Utrecht and Breda [1]. This painting, probably from his Utrecht period, was last seen in Art gallery Van Haeften, London in 2002, and is dated on stylistic grounds 1618–1619. [2]

RKD49650 [44]RKD49650_detail [44]

The snail on the left of the vase is undoubtedly a Cepaea species and is realistically painted.

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[2] RKD, artwork 49650, http://explore.rkd.nl/explore/images/49650 (permalink).