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In the Bibliothèque Municipale in Troyes, France, ms. 1897 is entitled “Vetus Eucologium” [1] This is a Book of Hours (‘Heures à l’usage de Meaux’), was written partly in Latin and partly in French and is dated towards the end of the 15th century; it may have originated in Paris.


On folio 48v in the border at left-hand, a somewhat stylised dextral snail may be seen, the head of the animal with two tentacles, an eye-spot, nostrils and the mouth closed; where it a human, it seems incontent with the situation. The coloration of the shell reminds me of a Cepaea-like garden snail.


[1] Troyes BM, ms. 1897, 128 ff. http://bit.ly/1jYMAA9 (21.ii.2014).