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“La Fleur des ystoires” is the title of this manuscript, written by “Jehan Mansel” in the 16th century, which is in the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris [1]. It is only available as black and white copy [2], and in some of the pages the margins are not in full view.

On folio 103v, in the right-hand margin of the miniature, a snail is found without tentacles but a humanised face; its, somewhat stylised, shell is dextral.

BNF_MS Français54_f103v_ BNF_MS Français54_f103v_detail

Shells supposed to be present on folio 136v and 137v are not shown in the available copy.

BNF_MS Français54_f136vBNF_MS Français54_f137v

On folio 174r, in the lower margin, a figure may be seen characterised as ‘escargot’ in Mandragore. To me this a winged fox, with his tail curled.

BNF_MS Français54_f174r_BNF_MS Français54_f174r_detail

Folio 219v supposedly also has a snail figured; however, it may be hidden in the binding.

BNF_MS Français54_f219v

In the border on folio 229r, a snail with a dark-coloured, sinistral shell may be seen. It is under attack of the bird above it.

BNF_MS Français54_f229r_BNF_MS Français54_f229r_detail

Folio 234r also has a bird-snail couple, the bird grabbing the (somewhat stylised, sinistral) shell and aiming with its beak at the head of the snail. This scene is in the left-hand border.

BNF_MS Français54_f243v_BNF_MS Français54_f243v_detail

In the upper border of folio 316r, a snail with a sinistral shell is seen, its head with two tentacles raised.

BNF_MS Français54_f316r_BNF_MS Français54_f316r_detail

Finally, in the right-hand border of foilio 337v, a sinistral snail is seen, the humanised head with two tentacles, its tail disappearing into the binding.

BNF_MS Français54_f337v_BNF_MS Français54_f337v_detail

[1] BNF, Ms. Français 54, 477 ff. http://archivesetmanuscrits.bnf.fr/ead.html?id=FRBNFEAD000050797.
[2] http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b9007598x.