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Todays painting was found during research in the database of the Netherlands Institute for art History. It was made by Balthasar van der Ast, and is dated ca. 1624 (i.e. during his Utrecht period). The whereabouts of this oil-painting with a mixed still-life of flowers, fruits and shells is unknown. It was last seen in public at an auction by Sotherby’s, London, 12 April 1997 [1].


In the foreground a yellow, dextral shell is seen. This shell is rather elongated, and has the apertural lip white. Also an axial black spot is seen above the aperture (possibly an old varix). This is an Amphidromus species, likely brought to the Netherlands via the East Indian Trading Company.


[1] RKD art work 18034. http://explore.rkd.nl/explore/images/18034.