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In the Pierpont Museum, New York, this illuminated manuscript from Paris, France is dated ca. 1425–1430. It is a Book of Hours of the Virgin for Paris use, preceded by a Kalendar, and followed by prayers in French [1].

1420-1435_Morgan m453 f158r_total

In the right-hand margin on folio 158r another variant on the theme ‘knight v. snail’ is seen. This folio is part of the Office of the Dead. Here the knight has a sword in his right hand, ready to attack. In his left hand he is holding a shield and a snake. The snail is relatively large, and stylised. The dextral shell has relatively many whorls, the animal is quite schematic and has two tentacles only.

1420-1435_Morgan m453 f158r

[1] PMM Ms. M0453, 193 ff. http://corsair.morganlibrary.org/msdescr/BBM0453a.pdf