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Today’s manuscript is “Le Livre de mendicité esperituelle, composé par maistre Jehan Jarson”. It is in the Bibliothèque Nationbale, Paris, and dated 15th century [1]. The author is Jean Gerson (1363–1429), a French scholar, educator, reformer, and poet, Chancellor of the University of Paris, a guiding light of the conciliar movement and one of the most prominent theologians at the Council of Constance, was born at the village of Gerson, in the bishopric of Reims in Champagne. [2]

On folio 85r, 99r and 100v, three initials are decorated with stylised snails in blue. The initial ‘C’ on folio 85r has the shell sinistral, as in the initial ‘L’ on folio 100v. The third one, initial ‘Q’, has two snails, one dextral and one sinistral. The animals all seem to have two tentacles only.

BNF_MS Français1847_f85rBNF_MS Français1847_f85r_dBNF_MS Français1847_f99rBNF_MS Français1847_f99r_dBNF_MS Français1847_f100vBNF_MS Français1847_f100v_d

[1] BNF, Ms. Français 1847, 128 ff. http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b8550860q.
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Gerson (30.iii.2014).