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Still-life paintings started with flowers, but soon other motifs were applied as well. This “Still life with fruit and a lobster” is an old copy of an oil-painting made by Jan Davidsz. de Heem, who was born in Utrecht (1606) and died in Antwerp (1683 or 1684). This copy is dated 1640–1700, during which time he mostly worked in Antwerp [1, 2].


The description reads: “Still life with fruit and a lobster. On the wall hangs a festoon of fruit. On the table a Chinese plate with grapes, peaches and apricots. Left a peeled lemon. Between fruit sorts of insects and snails. Old copy after the original in Dresden” [1].


In the centre of this painting a snail has been put on a vine twig. It is a dextral snail, very naturalistically drawn. Cepaea nemoralis (L., 1758)…

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