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The title of this manuscript in the Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier is “Inventarium juris canonici tam textuum quam glossarum, compilatum per Berengarium episcopum Bitterensem”. There is no formal description available [1].

BIM_H 20_f001r_

On the first page a snail may be seen in the lower right corner. The shell is sinistral, suggesting ribs, and has the aperture – which is somewhat widening – extending from the last whorl. The animal has two tentacles and an eye; it gives the impression of a rabbit emerging from the shell.

BIM_H 20_f001r_d4BIM_H 20_f001r_d4d

[1] BIM Ms. H 20, 199+ ff. http://www.calames.abes.fr/pub/ms/D01040314.