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Anna Elisabeth Ruysch was born in 1666 in The Hague, but worked in Amsterdam from 1681 till her death in 1741. She was a sister of Rachel Ruysch and copied both from her and other contemporary painters [1]. In the collection of the Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, this oil painting is entitled “Dickicht mit Blumen und Tieren” [2]; in the RKD database “Forest still life with squirrel”, where it is dated c. 1685 [3].

SKK 378_

In the foreground two snails are present. In the corner at right a shell only, in the centre a snail directed at left. Both a dextral specimens of Cepaea, the left one a light morph, the right one a dark morph.

SKK 378_d

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