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In the library of the Université de Liège, this Book of Hours is known as “Heures de Jean de Noville”. Made in c. 1520-1525, this manuscript was illuminated in Liège; the calendar was used in the Abbaye de St. Laurent.

All snails are stylised and unidentifiable species; they are partly humanised, viz. with an eye-spot.

Folio 013v has a miniature with a richly illuminated border. In the lower right-hand corner, a snail with a bird on top is seen. The snail is extending, with only two tentacles. The sinistral shell is whitish and is hardly coiled (1 + whorls), the last whorl widening.


On folio 038v in the same right-hand lower corner, a similar sinistral snail is shown. The miniature is showing the Adoration of the Magi.


Folio 044v also has a sinistral snail in the border, this time upper right. The snail is blackish, with a light line along the foot. The whitish shell has two whorls.


On folio 072v, in the upper border, a dextral snail is found. The shell is greyish-white, the animal greyish.


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