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Andrea Massaioli spontaneously sent me pictures of his works, featuring slugs. He is an Italian artist living in Turin, who describes himself as “mainly uses the languages of painting and sculpture, revisiting their ‘genres’ and ‘techniques’ in a lyric and poetic key, in a more visionary way or tied up to one individual mythology of his. The basis of his poetic is a holistic vision of reality, where objects, everyday things, vegetable beings and animals, genital organs…are isolated and turned into new totems, apotropaic figures, emblems of a deep and ambiguous relationship between humanity and nature, real compasses that can direct us in our life.” [1].

In this post I will show his ceramic works, made in 2005. They are all entitled “Panna e lumache” [cream and snails] [2].


When I asked about his inspiration, he answered “I was inspired by the simple limacidae Lehmannia snails that were in my garden”. As Lehmannia species generally live in forests, mostly at higher altitudes, these are possibly L. valentiana (Férussac, 1822); only this species within Lehmannia does occur in gardens and rural places in Italy, also at lower altitudes.

[1] http://www.andreamassaioli.it/?page_id=21.
[2] http://www.andreamassaioli.it/?p=49#y-2005 (first three works).