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According to the website of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (UK), this oil painting is attributed to Elias van den Broeck. The work is entitled “Still life with thistle, boletus, snail, lizard, butterflies and a bee in a landscape”, and is dated with the living period of the artist (1657-1708). It is also noted “[a]lthough attributed to [Rachel] Ruysch, and in her manner, this could be by the Irish painter Gustavus Hamilton (1739-1775)” [1].
In the RKD database, this painting is dated on stylistic grounds 1675-1699, and attributed to Carl Wilhelm de Hamilton. This painter, born as the son of James de Hamilton in Brussels (1668), worked there before he moved to southern Germany in 1699, where he died in Augsburg (1754). He was a follower of Otto Marseus van Schriek [2].

In the lower left corner, a snail is prominently present on the foreground. It is a dextral specimen of Cepaea.


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