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Etienne Delaune is the printmaker of these engravings in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes [1]. He was born in 1518 and commenced his career as an engraver of medals, and is said to have been helped by Benvenuto Cellini, who was at that time living in Paris. He afterwards engraved many prints after Raphael, and the Italian masters of Fontainebleau, and still more after the designs of his son Jean, with whom he passed the greater part of his life at Strassburg, where died in 1595 [2]

All engravings have pagan deities as theme. The first print is about Apollo; in the lower part a pair of snails.


The second engraving has Venus as central figure. Here the snails are at the end of horizontal poles; the right one has the head of a hare or rabbit.


The third engraving is about Mercury. The snails are closely together in the top part.


All snails are stylised, the animals with an eye-spot. The shells are with few whorls, the last one widening, with a relatively large aperture. Dextral and sinistral pairs are placed in symmetry.

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