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This oil painting in the collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archeologie, Besançon, France has been ascribed to Cornelis de Heem (Leiden 1631-Antwerp 1695). However, despite being signed “C. de Heem”, it is now thought to be made in the 18th century by an anonymous Flemish painter [1].


In the right-hand foreground a snail is present. Seen from behind, the grey-blackish animal shows at least the two large tentacles, but other details are difficult to discern. This is also the case with the shell (dextral/sinistral?), which has some spiral bands in the colour pattern. It may have been modelled after a Cepaea species.

[1] MAB, inv. 899.1.11. Joconde | escargot (réponse #141).