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1740c-1765c_anoniem BK-16387-I

An anonymous artist made this object c. 1740-1765 in Delft, the Netherlands. It is described as a “[b]utter dish on saucer, multicolored painted with the arms of the Josselet family. On the lid of the butter dish two dogs and on the edge of the saucer four snails.” This faience object is now in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam [1].

The snails are dextral, stylised; the spiral colour pattern suggest a Cepaea species, but as such they are unidentifiable. The animals have a hint of two tentacles.

1740c-1765c_anoniem BK-16387-I_d

[1] RMA, BK-16387-I. http://hdl.handle.net/10934/RM0001.COLLECT.15567.