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The Florentine author Jacobus Publicius wrote next to a rhetoric also a memorial art with the title “Ars memorativa”. An unknown Swabian editor has chosen from this work a number of important points and, in doing so, has made them available to a wider readership in detailed and easily comprehensible form. To associate the abstract concepts with sensible representations and image patterns, this work contains 65 small woodcuts. They come from an anonymous artist Augsburg. This edition was printed as the only one during the 15th century. [1]

BSB Ink. A-760_BSB Ink. A-760_detail

In one of the small woodcuts a man resting at a fire is seen, accompanied by a snail. Although this animal is very stylised, a dextral specimen may be recognised. The head of the snail is humanised, with an eye, bearing two protrusions (tentacles).

[1] BSB, Ink. A-760. Permalink: urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00025098-6.