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This strip of textile, possibly originating from (East) Asia, is now being kept in the Chauteau-Musée de Saumur (France). It is described as Toile blanche, fibre brillante brodée avec du fil vert au point natté laissant en réserve la toile pour créer des motifs : arbre, animaux, cochons, monstre qui s’apprête à battre un homme, chouette, lézard, escargot, lapin, homme enlevant une femme, mi-homme mi-animal qui tire à l’arc [1; White linen, embroidered with bright green fiber leaving free the canvas to create patterns: tree, animals, pigs, a monster preparing to beat a man, owl, lizard, snail, rabbit, man holding a woman, and a half-man half-animal with archery].


The snail is in vertical position on the trunk of a tree. It is stylised, with two tentacles, and an eye-spot. The shell is sinistral.

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