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“Nature mort, poires, pommes, oranges avec un escargot” is the title of this painting in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux. It has previously been attributed to an 18th century netherlandish artist, but is now thought to have been made during the 19th century in France; the artist remains anonymous [1].

MBB Bx E 1069 138_C

This fruit still life has a dorsal view of a snail in the foreground. The shell is dextral, but the last whorl is too bloated. There is a trace of a spiral band in the colour pattern, but – if this was modelled after a living specimen – the result does not look very good…

MBB Bx E 1069 138_GMBB Bx E 1069 138_Gd

In the uncoloured picture the two main tentacles of the snail are better visible.

[1] MBB, inv. Bx E 1069 138. Joconde | escargot (réponse #136).