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Joseph Crawhall (III) was an artist born in 1861 in Northumberland, U.K. as son of a multi-talented wood-carver and water colourist; he died 1913 in London. He became associated with the impressionistic painting group ‘the Glasgow Boys’, “most of whom were trained in, or had strong ties to the city of Glasgow. These men were brought together by a passion for realism and naturalism and this showed through in the pieces they produced. Along with this passion for naturalism, they shared a marked distaste for the Edinburgh oriented Scottish art establishment, which they viewed as oppressive.” [1].

This painting, entitled “Spanish Cock and Snail”, is in the collection of the Glasgow Museums. It may be dated from the 1880s [2, 3].


Although the snail is a bit stylised it is likely a Cepaea species; it is a dextral specimen.


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[3] Thanks are due to Tracey MacDonald (Photo Library, Glasgow Museums), who kindly sent me this photograph while answering another enquiry.