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Georg Flegel (1563–1638) is the artist to whom this still life with flowers now is attributed to. This Czech painter, who worked in Austria and Germany, has made this work ca. 1604; it is now in the collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge [1]. The still life is from his Frankfurt am Main period [2].


This is an interesting still life, as it recalls some of the earlier engravings introducing the flower still life as a theme (e.g., here), and also has a vanitas element prominently in the centre. On the table we see different objects, among which a sea shell and a land snail.


The snail is lifting its head and the animal has all tentacles shown. The shell is dextral, with nearly four, regularly increasing whorls. The colour is whitish, but a darker, brownish spiral band is visible. It may be a Ceapaea-like species, although this cannot be ascertained here.

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