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This oil paint with a still life of Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606–1683/84) is now in the Galleria Palatina in Florence [1]. The title is there ‘Natura morta con fiori e frutta’; I didn’t find paintings attributed to this artist and present in Florence in the RKD database. De Heem was born and raised in Utrecht, where he probably learned still life painting from Balthasar van der Ast. Later he moved to Antwerp where he, with an Utrecht interval of some years, stayed until his death.


The whitish snail in the foreground is catching the eye. It is directed toward the viewer and lifting its head off the frame. Somewhat more detailed it is likely to be a Cepaea species. This is even more probable when we see this in the context of a second snail, found up in the flowers. This is a brownish morph with spiral bands in the colour pattern. No doubt this to be a Cepaea.



[1] GPF, inv. 1890 n. 1261.