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Usually known as “The Damned Being Cast into Hell” [1] by Frans Francken (II) this work, presently on loan in the Residenzgalerie, Salzburg [2], where it is known as “Der Höllersturz der Verdammten”. Francken made this work probably during the early 17th century (1605–1610) [1]. It is one of the earliest oil paints on which a domestic snail is seen.

RGS_Frans Francken II_

Below in the foreground, the snail sits on the back of a man and is an onlooker to the whole scene. It is a dextral Cepaea-like species.

RGS_Frans Francken II_d

[1] Wikimedia, http://to.ly/BuYT.
[2] KMV, inv. GG 1102; see also http://to.ly/Bv1a. The current status in the Salzburg museum was confirmed by Dr Erika Oehring (in litt., 28.vii.2014).