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This “Still life with fruit and a bowl on a roosters leg” is an oil painting by Abraham Mignon, made between 1660–1679. The full description of this work, now in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, reads: “On a Wan Li-dish are grapes, pomegranates, peaches and corn. Left a peeled lemon and a rummer with wine. In the background a golden goblet on a roosters leg, grapes and a gourd on a wooden box. Between the fruit snails and butterflies, left by the window a beetle.” [1].

There are two snails in this painting, both dextral specimens of Cepaea. The left one is at the edge of the table and is a pink morph of C. nemoralis (L., 1758). Above the central part in the right margin a yellow morph of possibly the same species.



[1] RMA, inv. SK-A-269, http://hdl.handle.net/10934/RM0001.COLLECT.6747.