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A special case today, where a poem replaces the usual picture(s).


In the Dutch city of Gorinchem, recently a 4 km route was made with poems written on various buildings within the city [1, 2]. Nearly 40 poems have been collected, from local, national or internationally known poets: Ida Gerhardt, K. Michel, Chr. J. van Geel, Paul van Ostaijen, Ro van Doesburg, and the Portugese Fernando Pessoa. The initiator himself of this route has put the snail poem on his house.

The translation could be:

A snail with a house

My chamber must be filled if I,
a house of lime, no second animal.
Not tolerating additional awareness,
chaos, for more wit no place.

The poet, Christiaan J. van Geel (1917–1974), was a draftsman, but is now primarily known for his poetic work [3].

[1] Photo by courtesy of A.C. Breure, 30.viii.2014.
[2] http://bit.ly/1rIpEtV.
[3] http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christiaan_Johannes_van_Geel.