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“Grandes fleurs” is the title of this etching as design for a ceramic set (‘Service de table de la maison Rousseau’) with flowers, a snail and a butterfly. The print was made by Félix Bracquemond in 1866 and is in the collection of the British Museum, London [1, 2].


The snail is stylised, dextral, with the animal not entirely realistically drawn.


[1] BML, inv. PD 1920.0420.63.
[2] Félix Bracquemond (1833–1914), painter, draughstman and etcher; exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art, London 1861–1891 intermittently. First etching in 1849. First Salon (as a painter) in 1852. Co-founder of the Société des aquafortistes in 1862 and Société des peintres-graveurs in 1889; member of the Société internationale des aquafortistes. Started working on ceramics in 1867, and from 1870 to 1878 was almost exclusively dedicated to this activity.
The BML collection of his prints was Bracquemond’s own archive, and was purchased by Dodgson from the artist’s son and given to the BML in 1926–1927.