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In the Bodleian Library, Oxford, this Bible with Postilla of Hugh of Saint-Cher is part of the collection Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. It is dated 1507–1511 and originated in Brescia, Italy or possibly Lyon in France.

Folio 002r is the “prologue (letter of St. Jerome to Paulinus). Decorated initial ‘F(rater)’ with ivy. Panel border on all sides with acanthus on unpainted ground and flowers on gold ground, birds, dragons, dragon with snail shell, scrolls, coat of arms” [1].

BLO_Ms. Canon. Bibl. Lat. 65_

BLO_Ms. Canon. Bibl. Lat. 65_d

The shell is segmented, seen in top view and is sinistral.

[1] BLO, inv. Ms. Canon. Bibl. Lat. 65. http://to.ly/FvAP.