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In the Bodleian Library, Oxford the ‘Tradescant’s Orchard’ is present [1], a manuscript in which different races of fruits are exhibited in “fair drawings in water-colors” [2]. For more details see the recent work of Juniper & Grootenboer [x], which I unfortunately haven’t been able to consult.

On folio 015r an image is shown of the ‘May Cherry’ with some insects and a snail.



Folio 029r has a second snail, eating a cherry. The text reads “The harte Cherry / Ripe June the 24”.



Both snails are sinistral and apparently modeled after the same species. The cross-shaded spiral band in the colour pattern may have been inspired by a Cepaea species. The animals are rather stylised imaged, the four tentacles schematically drawn.

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