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This English manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford is known as “”, and is dated as early 14th century [1].

BLO_Lyell empt.4_008r_

On folio 008r Psalm 1 starts with a historiated initial ‘B(eatus)’ with David playing the harp. Bar border with foliated decoration, ivy, and birds. In the lower margin a hybrid grotesque threatens a snail with a sword.

BLO_Lyell empt.4_008r_d

The snail is stylised, with a dextral, segmented shell. The animal is without tail, with five (!) tentacles; an eye-spot is suggested by a darker blob on the head.

BLO_Lyell empt.4_008r_d2

[1] BLO, inv. Ms. Lyell empt. 4. http://to.ly/G58J.