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This drawing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art was made by Johannes Brandenberg, a Swiss painter (1661–1729), in 1712 or later. The title is “Shield King: A Man Astride a Snail” and may be seen as a variation on the ‘knight v. snail’ theme. Here both seem to go peaceful together… But the inscription on the back tells otherwise: “Der Schiltenkünig, Pfifer General an der Vilmergen Schlacht. Mit Pfifer woh has du Ehr und Respekt sie ist verloren gangen und gfallen in den S.V. Dreck” [1].


The snail is a dextral specimen of a Helix-like species with all tentacles shown.


[1] MMA, inv. 2007.223.37. Permalink: http://metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/380410.