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Jacques Le Moyne made this drawing ca. 1585, and the album to which this belongs is now in the Print and Drawings Department of the British Museum. The full name of this painter/draughtsman was Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (ca. 1533–1588). Specialist draughtsman of flowers and natural history. Sailed to Florida with Laudonnière’s expedition in 1564-65 as cartographer and artist; Le Moyne’s drawings, some of the earliest images of European colonisation in the New World, were used by Theodor de Bry to illustrate the second part of his ‘Great Voyages’, 1591. As a Huguenot, Le Moyne had to flee France and settled in London (Blackfriars) as early as 1581 (granted letters of denization on 12 May of that year); he entered the service of Sir Walter Raleigh [1].

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The snail on the right-hand margin could be, judged by the shape of the shell and the colour pattern, a Cepaea species.

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