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This engraving was made ca. 1593–1603, after an original of Jacques Le Moyne (see previous post), by Chrispijn (van) de Passe (I); this Dutch draughtsman (1564–1637), engraver and publisher began his career in Antwerp but by 1589 had fled via Aachen to Cologne, and settled in 1611 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The print is part of “Hortus Floridus: Altera Pars” and was published in cooperation with Hans Woutneel in London [1].

BML_PD 1952,0117.14.188_

The description reads “60. Ash and 61. Rose; at left: an ash shoot with leaves and seeds; at right: three roses in different stadiums of blooming: one bud, one half blooming, one fully blooming; a snail on a small mount at bottom centre” [1].

BML_PD 1952,0117.14.188_d

The shell is sinistral and ribbed or segmented. The head of the animal is lifted off the ground, and seems to be closely set with long hairs. A very weird idea (?), but perhaps we should settle for a bunch of grass which happens to be on the mount…

[1] BML inv. PD 1952.0117.14.188. http://to.ly/GAhJ.