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Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home; a dog sitting up on its front paws to left outside a kennel, looking upwards, a snail approaching its empty water bowl in the left foreground. This is a print in the British Museum, Prints and Drawings Department, made in 1874 by Alfred Lucas (1841–1886) after a drawing of Edwin Landseer (1803–1873), who is known for his illustrations of sentimental animals [1].

BML_PD 2010,7081.6153_L

The snail is somewhat stylised and appears as a sinistral one (thus mirrored) in this engraving.

BML_PD 2010,7081.6153_d

[1] BML, inv. PD 2010.7081.6153. http://to.ly/GDDY.