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“Horae ad usum Parisiensem” is the name of one of the manuscripts in the collection of Bibliothèque National, Paris. It originated from the 15th century [1].

As usual the Book of Hours starts with a calender, here in French. On folio 5r, for May, we see the first snail in the lower left corner. A bird (duck or swan) is eating the snail. The sinistral shell has regularly coiling whorls.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f5r_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f5r_detail

The second snail is on folio 8r, for August. The right-upper corner shows a hybrid with a sinistral shell is his hands, the snail stretching out and its two tentacles are partly outside the border.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f8r_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f8r_detail

On folio 28v another sinistral snail is found, the animal with an eye-spot and two tentacles.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f28v_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f28v_detail

The other occurrences are in the part “Heures de la Vierge” [Hours of the Virgin]. Folio 33r, lower left corner, has another sinistral snail. The shell has here slightly more whorls and the aperture is relatively wide. The animal has two tentacles.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f33r_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f33r_detail

Folio 58v has a similar snail in the lower border, with a bird (Eurasian Jay?) looking very interested.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f58v_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f58v_detail

Finally there is one on folio 71r. Here the snail is in the left-hand border, it is a dextral specimen.

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f71r_

BNF_MS NouvAcquLatin3115_f71r_detail

All snail are quite stylised and shown in ‘2D squashed‘ mode.

[1] BNF. inv. Ms. Nouvelles Aquisitions Latines 3115, 190 ff. http://bit.ly/1mFC9Ed. Permalink: http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b550.