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From Boissevain’s Vitae et icones svltanorvm tvrcicorum, principvm persarvm aliorumq illustrium heroum heroinarumq ab Osmane usq ad Mahometem II, published in 1596 in Frankfurt am Main, this engraving is a portrait of sultane Medabe. The engraving was made by Theodore de Bry (1528-1598) and is now in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam [1, 2]. The portrait is in a frame with by vines, snails and birds.

RMA RP-P-1909-347_

The snails are symmetrically placed in the left and right border. One is sinistral, the other one dextral. Both have enlarged apertures; the animals are figured from the back, but all tentacles are shown.

RMA RP-P-1909-347_d1

RMA RP-P-1909-347_d2

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[2] https://rkd.nl/explore/artists/13707.