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From the series “New specimen of cast-metal ornaments and wood types”, this wood engraving is plate 41 with eight images printed in four rows of two each. The print was made by Thomas Bewick (1753–1828), who was wood engraver; apprenticed to Newcastle engraver Ralph Beilby, 1767-1774, and worked in partnership with him between 1777-1797; in partnership with his son Robert Elliott Bewick from 1812. This print is now in the British Museum, Dept. Prints and Drawings [1].


One of the images is labelled “The snail”. It is – judging from the colour pattern – modelled after a specimen of Cornu aspersum (Muller, 1774). Remarkable is – given the date of ca. 1820–1840 – the mirror image, making the snail looking sinistral.


[1] BML, inv. PD 1952.0502.33. http://to.ly/JBsC.