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In the Sculpture & Decorative Arts Department of the Paul J. Getty Museum, this huge (2m73 high!) bronze vase was made in 1889 by the French artist Jean-Désiré Ringel d’Illzach (1847–1916) [1]. He was a well-known sculpter and engraver in his time, who made portraits of various personalities, e.g. Charles Gounod and Louis Pasteur [2].

Ringel d'Illach 1889_monumental_vase_1889

On the base of the vase a number of snails can be seen, but their total number cannot be taken from the pictures available. The snails are dextral specimens of a Helix-like species.

Ringel d'Illach 1889_monumental_vase_detail_PGM

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