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On this oil paint by Balthasar van der Ast (ca. 1640), different shells are grouped that have been brought to the Netherlands by the East Indian Trade Company (V.O.C.) and West Indian Trade Company (W.I.C.). The provenance of the shells is from Indonesia, Caribbean, Florida, West and South Africa. Three of them are land shells. The work is now in the collection of Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam [1].



(1) is a shell of Liguus fasciatus (Muller, 1774), likely from Cuba, and probably a dextral specimen. Also shell (2) is likely a Cuban shell, Polymita picta  Born, 1778. The last shell (3) is probably an Amphidromus species, and – judged from the shape as far as visible – may be a sinistral specimen.

[1] BBR, inv. 2173. http://collectie.boijmans.nl/nl/collection/2173-%28ok%29.