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This engraving is entitled “Allegory of Truth, Knowledge, Hate and Fear”, and was made between 1507 [1] and 1553 by Cornelis Anthonisz. (ca. 1505–1553), who worked in Amsterdam [2]. This print is now in the collection of the Rijksmuseum [3].

The description is “Truth is a woman, her mouth locked, lying in bed. Next to the bed is an old man with a hat on his head (Fear) sitting. In front of him on the floor a snail. A soldier (Hate) on the left, aiming his lance at the woman. Next to the soldier a dog. Knowledge lies as a baby in a manger”.


The snail is stylised, with a sinistral shell, the animal with two tentacles and without a tail.


[1] This data is mentioned in [3] and may have been chosen because the date of birth is unknown and given as 1495/1515 in [2].
[2] https://rkd.nl/explore/artists/2054.
[3] RMA, inv. RP-P-BI-89. http://hdl.handle.net/10934/RM0001.COLLECT.37320.