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In this blog I have so far one example of an art work in the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). Just found out that they have made many art works available in the public domain, which seems to become a trending topic among museums.

Before I start to explore their hidden gems, I want to share an announcement on a current exhibition, which is called ‘Might and Glory’ [1]. It’s about a true masterpiece by Albrecht Dürer: a print of an arch of honour measuring a stunning 3.5 x 3 meters.


This print was made by Dürer in 1515 on commission from Emperor Maximilian I and has a wealth of details, many are symbols related to or promoting the emperor. One of these details is this snail, which seems to be a land snail, as it is in the open air, but has the shell that reminds me of some marine species. Very curious…


For those of you who happen to visit Copenhagen before 21 June, don’t miss this opportunity to experience this great work. And those who cannot see this, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the page below and try to find the snail yourself…:)

[1] http://www.smk.dk/en/visit-the-museum/exhibitions/might-and-glory/